"The results of our campaign exceeded both our expectations and the documented activities outline in the program activity document. If your company is looking for a true Partner with the expertise and experience to help you grow your business with the deliverable being leads to increase sales, I would recommend Plan27 to be that Partner!" 

- Keyvan Cohanim, EVP Sales and Marketing

"For over a year now, Plan 27 has managed and delivered on our defined marketing program. We were looking to increase revenues and knew we needed help in lead generation but really weren’t sure where to start. Plan 27 delivered the plan which gave us a clear understanding of our market, competition and defined objectives to move forward. Our results have been consistently over 100% of plan, and I know the Plan 27 team are monitoring and managing our program on a daily basis. The Plan 27 team is our marketing team and take care of everything for us! Really excited for 2016!"

- Vince Tinnirello, CEO of Anchor Network Solutions

"After doing a Market Assessment Report, I'll never look at my business the same way again. Anyone who cares about their business at all, needs to do this."

- Jerod Powell, Founder & CEO, INFINIT Consulting