A full service Marketing Agency catering exclusively to the IT Channel.

‘We will try it for a few months and see how it goes.’ If you have spoken these words then you have very likely failed before you’ve even started. This is the quintessential trial and error marketing statement.

Our model is called P27 Client Match. Trial and error marketing creates nothing but more questions and unnecessary stress. Know who you are speaking to before you start speaking! P27 Client Match eliminates the guess work and provides a completely transparent marketing model with you in control.


A La Carte Services:

Marketing Assessment

All successful marketing starts with a plan. The first step in any marketing initiative is a good plan. Plan27 offers a complete marketing assessment for your business. The assessment breaks down your market and shows opportunities within. We grade your current online assets and provide you with a performance report card. You will see exactly what your top competitors in your market are doing and how you measure up against them. Finally we provide you with the basis of a complete marketing plan in order to meet your goals and the costs associated including Return on Investment metrics so that you can effectively measure and get in control and out in front of your marketing rather than chasing it. There is no obligation with our assessment and you are free to take with you to build your campaign on your own or take to another marketing provider. Are you applying for MDF funds? Our assessment and the KPI’s that it presents is an excellent tool for you to secure long term funding where applicable. It is a marketing document that speaks to partner finance departments...Approvals go a lot smoother when you speak their language.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Todays prospect is 90% informed and educated about your product and service before they ever reach out to request pricing or a proposal. The successful marketer stays with their prospects throughout their research helping them along the way. IT Services isn’t an impulse purchase, rather one that has a sales cycle that needs to be nurtured along the way while building the ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor with your firm. There are a myriad of electronic tools at our disposal that we use in order to tailor a custom marketing engine designed for your market and your objectives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  -  This is your organic rankings in the major search engines and provides the basis of user experience and your quality score. Your quality score is the single most important metric when developing a manageable and repeatable digital marketing model. We use the metaphor comparing your website to building a car. You buy a domain, build a site and push it live. SEO is starting the car and getting it running while SEM is putting the car in drive.


Live Chat Services

Your website is your electronic store front.  Would you open a store that had no one inside to greet customers or sell your products? You can market and build a solid funnel loaded with ideal prospects, however in order for you to close these new clients over your competition you need to make it easy for them to do business with you. The easier you are to communicate with is also an extension of what your new customers can expect after they have signed a managed services agreement with your firm. Differentiate yourself and get out ahead of your competition.

Social Media

Talk with your audience not at them. What is your plan? How will you align yourself with the conversation? 

Social networks are new channels for your brands voice and contact. This is where you can establish the know, like and trust factor with your audience. How will you engage?