Marketing with smaller bites

Hopefully you all have been enjoying a relaxing summer and able to find some time off to recharge. Labor Day is coming fast!

The summer breather allows us to slow things down a little and take stock on our business and evaluate where we are at mid year and if we are on target for what we set out to accomplish back in January. What we hear most is 'Ugh...we have to start marketing...I know we need to I'm just not sure what to do or where to start and I have a limited budget'.

Budget is the most operative word in this case and most MSP's simply aren't in a position to commit to $25K or $30K to build out a robust marketing engine straight out of the gate. And certainly not maintain it once built. That's great if you can as it will certainly spring board your growth, however then you have the question of ability to handle that growth?

You can waste more money marketing than in any other facet of your business!

Marketing should never be smothering. Rather a functioning support mechanism that feeds your ongoing growth at a pace you dictate from both budget and growth perspective. We've all heard about businesses who make the mistake of not marketing at all resulting in stagnancy and negative growth. Well the same can be said for those who jump too far in before they are ready!

All successful marketing starts with a plan!

It is of critical importance to develop a plan that fits your business and objectives. If that means taking smaller bites and growing into a more robust marketing engine then so be it. As the saying goes 'Rome wasn't built in a day'. The key is to get your marketing started by taking a clear and concise methodical approach...Have a method to your madness and you will be successful!

If you are an IT service provider or MSP we are giving away free 1 hour marketing strategy sessions to help you get started and on your way. There is no obligation and you will come away with some valuable insights into your direct market and opportunities that may be available to you. This is our gift to you, however please note that sessions are limited and booked on a first come first serve basis.

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All the best and have a great second half of summer!

Al Phillips, Plan27 Inc.