CompTIA Next Gen Marketing Series: Mod 2

Good Morning all and Happy New Year! Just about have our first month of 2017 under our belt and hopefully it is off to a great start!

Quick reminder of you aren't already signed up, we have Module 2 of our Next Gen Marketing Series with CompTIA today at 2:00 pm EST. 

Mod 1 we discussed knowing our customers and prospects. Today we start building our new marketing stack to best communicate with them. We discuss a few conventional mediums vs. some new so that you can start to put some thought into building a solid marketing stack that will be the engine to grow your business!

Best Regards,

Al Phillips

CompTIA Next Gen Marketing Series: Module 1

If you missed Mod 1 of our series with CompTIA you can watch online at . This one is geared to be thought provoking and the basis for which you will be able to start putting your plan together. We start that in January Mod 2!

Have a safe and happy holiday season and all the best in 2017!

Al Phillips, Plan27 Marketing

MSP Marketing

We are happy to be launching our Marketing for MSP's white paper series:  How to predictably gain high value clients and scale your IT Service Provider Business.

This will be a 3 volume issue that starts with research and ends with plan execution.

Volume 1: Research and The Client Journey

Volume 2: Develop your Pan

Volume 3: Execute your Plan

In volume 1 our objective is to turn your head to marketing and research in order for you to develop and execute a plan to grow your business. The process itself becomes transformational and you will never look at your business the same way again. The series will walk you through developing a predictable, measurable and repeatable marketing model so that you may scale your business to suit your objectives.

Good selling and we hope you enjoy the series.  

Before you Market....Know your Market